1st Helmut Schmidt Future Festival at Leuphana

What makes the new good?

2023-05-02 The first Helmut Schmidt Future Festival starts on Wednesday, 2 May 2023. 40 young social changemakers will explore the question "What makes the new good? Together with the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation, the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and THE NEW INSTITUTE, Leuphana invites you to explore responsible change. University President Sascha Spoun: "The festival is about thinking creatively beyond the current crises in order to orient oneself humanistically in a changed situation."

This year's initiators of the festival include Emilia Fester, member of the Bundestag, the net activist Kübra Gümüşay, the organic pioneer Anne Lamp and the managing director of ProjectTogether Philipp von der Wippel.

And what does Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (1974-1982) have in common with the Future Festival? He was a pragmatic politician and a value-driven thinker at the same time who found clear words. He not only defended democracy, but was also on the lookout for political, social and entrepreneurial innovations. A good reason to award a Helmut Schmidt Future Prize.

Directly after the Future Festival in Lüneburg, the Helmut Schmidt Future Prize is awarded in Hamburg to a personality who breaks new ground and makes the world a better place. This year, the prize goes to a pioneering European with clear values and her own political style: Sanna Marin, who became famous as Prime Minister of Finland.

The participants of the Future Festival will bring their ideas to the stage of the Thalia Theater Hamburg in the form of a poetry slam at the award ceremony on Thursday, 4 May.

All further information can be found here: www.leuphana.de/zukunftsfestival