Open lecture hall: Dr Reinhold Meimberg - Training for the brain

2024-02-26 Dr Reinhold Meimberg, who holds a doctorate in education, is a guest auditor at Leuphana. Lifelong learning is part of his self-image.

Dr. Reinhold Meimberg - guest auditor at the Leuphana university ©Leuphana/Teresa Halbreiter
"I do it for myself. For me, the guest auditor programme is training for the brain"

Dr Reinhold Meimberg has spent his life teaching and learning. The qualified educationalist has worked in adult education for NGOs as well as municipal and business organisations. He has also worked as a lecturer. In his late 50s, the family man went back to university and received his doctorate in social sciences at the age of 60. "Lifelong learning is part of my self-image. I do it for myself. For me, the guest auditor programme is training for the brain," explains the 73-year-old.

He particularly enjoyed a course on the social topography of Lüneburg. After the theory, he went on a bike tour of the city: "When friends and family visit me, I still share the knowledge from this seminar on a short tour of the city."

He has already been a guest auditor for a few semesters. Now the grandfather of four is looking forward to the next lecture programme. Together with a friend who also attends the open lecture theatre, he chooses the most exciting courses. Reinhold Meimberg often attends seminars and lectures on political or social science topics: "I've always been politically engaged. In one lecture, for example, I learnt a lot about the theoretical background to democracy and extremism. Interesting."

Reinhold Meimberg has always worked with people as an educationalist. Today, he is still active in helping refugees and teaches German. The exchange with the students at Leuphana also enriches him: "On the one hand, I can contribute my life experience. On the other hand, I learn a lot from the young people and the conversations with them." The guest student programme not only brings knowledge into his life, but also people.

The Open Lecture Hall is a portal for anyone interested in continuing their academic education. Anyone can become a guest auditor - regardless of previous education or school-leaving qualifications. There are no entry requirements. Guest students take part in courses from the university's regular programme of study, giving them the opportunity to engage in intergenerational professional exchange and make new contacts. Courses from different subject areas can be combined. The fee for up to 4 semester hours per week (SWS) is 102.00 euros per semester. Those wishing to take more than 4 SWS pay 153.00 euros.

Leuphana cordially invites interested parties to the information event on 13 March 2024 at 4.30 pm in the Leuphana Central Building (Room C40.704). There will be information on the process and the most important dates in the coming summer semester and interested parties will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with guest auditors. Registrations by e-mail to