Helmut Schmidt Future Festival

13 - 15 May 2024 at Leuphana University Lüneburg

What would we later regret not having done? ©Helmut-Schmidt-Zukunftsfestival
The Helmut Schmidt Future Festival seeks innovative and effective answers to central challenges. How do we protect the climate without dividing society? How do we defend democracy without robbing it of the vision of freedom? And how do we harness artificial intelligence for the common good of all?

Guests of the festival

Porträt von Luisa Neubauer ©Lena Faye
This year, Luisa Neubauer opens the Helmut Schmidt Future Festival. She will be discussing power and powerlessness in times of authoritarian temptations. Together with her, the festival explores the future of democracy, climate protection, and artificial intelligence.
Porträt von Meredith Whittaker ©Florian Metz
Meredith Whittaker, President of the non-profit Signal Foundation, is awarded this year's Helmut Schmidt Future Prize for her dedication to fostering a humane and public-interest-oriented development of artificial intelligence.
Fotoportrait von Philipp von der Wippel ©Samuel Groesch
Philipp von der Wippel is a co-founder and CEO of ProjectTogether. He has previously worked for the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and for the G20 Taskforce of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin. Philipp von der Wippel studied Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics at the University of Oxford.
Foto von Markus Beckedahl ©Anne Barth/re:publica
Markus Beckedahl is the founder of netzpolitik.org and served as its editor-in-chief for 19 years. The blog is known as a platform for digital civil liberties. He is a co-founder of re:publica, Europe's leading conference on the digital society. Markus Beckedahl was an expert witness in the German Bundestag's Enquete Commission on "Internet and Digital Society" from 2010 to 2013 and has been a member of the Media Council of the Berlin-Brandenburg State Media Authority since 2010.

The Helmut Schmidt Future Festival is a joint initiative of the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation, DIE ZEIT and Leuphana University Lüneburg.

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Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg


Festival management

  • Sven Prien-Ribcke, M.A.

Press enquiries

  • Henning Zühlsdorff