Course Schedule


Wie forscht man empirisch zur Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung? Eine Forschungswerkstatt. (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Daniel Fischer, Pascal Frank, Anna Sundermann

Einzeltermin | Do, 27.10.2016, 08:15 - Do, 27.10.2016, 11:45 | C 11.320 Seminarraum
Einzeltermin | Fr, 11.11.2016, 08:30 - Fr, 11.11.2016, 17:30 | C 14.102 b Seminarraum
Einzeltermin | Fr, 20.01.2017, 08:30 - Fr, 20.01.2017, 17:30 | C 4.308b Edulab
Einzeltermin | Do, 02.02.2017, 08:15 - Do, 02.02.2017, 12:45 | C 11.319 Seminarraum

Inhalt: The seminar gives the students a good grounding in analyzing qualitative and quantitative data of already existing socio-ecological research in educational contexts. At frist, we will discuss the roots of these methods in the philosophy of science. Second, the seminar will give a short introduction in selected qualitative and quantitative methods. Third, students will work in groups on data of both kinds. In a last step we compare similarities and differences in data analysis and interpretation of the results.