Leuphana Golf Cup promotes young talent at a high level

2022-10-17 Lüneburg/St. Dionys: With its third charity golf tournament, Leuphana contributed to supporting highly qualified students through further scholarships. Many companies became aware of the Deutschlandstipendium through the tournament. Numerous individual donations and attractive non-cash prizes were donated on the tournament day itself and before, confirming the success of the unique charity event.

Golf Tournament 2022 ©Dörte Krahn
Golf Tournament 2022 ©Dörte Krahn
Golf Tournament 2022 ©Dörte Krahn

Under the motto "Play golf and do good!", around fifty golfers from all over the region came together on 30 September 2022 and played a casual 2-person scamble under a bright sky on the golf course in St. Dionys. In well-mixed flights, all participants gave their best right from the start to do justice to the challenging and traditional course of the St. Dionys Golf Club. At Leuphana, golf is firmly linked to private university sponsorship. Thus, the charity tournament for golfing members and alumni, sponsors and friends was organised for the third time. The Head of Fundraising at Leuphana, Vice President Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte, explains: "Our friends and supporters are now familiar with our tournament and look forward to meetings that are not possible like this on our campus. We want to promote networks in a sporting way and generate donations that exclusively benefit students. The university is very pleased with the outcome of the event and is looking forward to next year with excitement."

Leuphana Vice-President Prof. Dr. Simone Abels, who was herself present on tournament day, also thanked all participants for their generous donations and highlighted the importance of scholarships for students. She emphasised: "Especially in today's times of crisis, students are often affected by economic hardship, but this social group is not the first to come to mind. However, in order to be able to successfully manage their studies and, in addition, to make a voluntary contribution to society, scholarships are an important support for many of our young talents." This was confirmed and thanked afterwards by one of the scholarship holders personally to all the sponsors present.

Not only the golf club itself, but also many sponsors contributed to the excellent round catering during the tournament: Equipped with an apple, muesli bar and espresso biscuit, the players arrived at the halfway house and were able to receive their "swing oil" - LEUPHT beer (donated by the Dachs brewery) - alongside small delicacies such as wraps and cakes.
The successful participants of the tournament could look forward to numerous prizes such as personal golf fittings, special headphones, twitter boxes, vouchers for golf courses in the region and Europe-wide as well as other noble and funny golf accessories. However, the main sponsor, Expert Lüneburg, contributed most to the success of the tournament. Not only did they take over part of the financing, but they also donated three additional prizes, including the main prize of the raffle, a large flat screen TV. Donation proceeds of 3600 euros for at least two additional scholarships were raised by the participants.

The Deutschlandstipendium offers a unique opportunity to maximise privately donated contributions, as the state doubles every donation via the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. For years, sponsors in Lüneburg have included the Leuphana Alumni Association, the Adalbert Zajadacz Foundation, the Volksbank Lüneburger Heide Foundation and the Lüneburg-based companies CLAGE, Rote Rosen and Edeka Tschorn. Other private sponsors and clubs such as the Lions Lüneburg-Ilmenau or the Soroptimists have also already supported the project. The University Society of Leuphana is also involved as a sponsor and collects partial donations for the scholarship in order to round them up to full scholarships.


  • Dörte Krahn
  • Ass. iur. Katharina Anna Mittrach