Award for Dr. Hannes Petrowsky

2023-12-11 Lüneburg/Jacksonville (FL). Dr. Hannes Petrowsky, research associate at Leuphana's Institute of Management and Organization, has been awarded two prizes by the International Association of Conflict Management (IACM), the world's leading association in negotiation research. He not only received a Best Paper Award, but was also accepted into the prestigious Early Career Scholars Program.

For his paper "A threefold meta-analysis of economic first-offer effects in negotiations", Petrowsky received the 'Outstanding Conference Paper - Student as First Author Award' at this year's conference of the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) in Thessaloniki. The meta-analysis brings together empirical research on the economic impact of entry bids from the last five decades and develops a theoretical conceptualization of the underlying psychological mechanisms.

Petrowsky was also selected by the 2023 Selection Committee for the NTR-IACM Early Career Scholars Program for his research on the optimal level of entry bids based on over 25 million negotiations on eBay. The goal of this Early Career Scholars program is to encourage early career scholars to conduct research in negotiation and conflict management, participate in IACM conferences, and become active, long-term members of the association. The scholarship is endowed with 2,000 dollars.

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