Leuphana YCSB Fellows

The Leuphana YCSB Fellows act as partners of the YCSB and are appointed by the board for two years. They are founders of a social business or play a central role in the promotion of social business in society. The fellows are in regular exchange with the YCSB in order to transfer problems from practice into scientific research projects and theses. In addition, they support the YCSB in bringing the idea of social business to society through events, teaching and networking.

Paul Bethke ©LEA ARING
Paul Bethke is co-founder of the beverage company LemonAid & ChariTea. The company produces and sells sustainable soft drinks. In addition, every bottle sold supports development cooperation projects. So far, more than 4,000,000 euros have been raised.
Malte Schlemmer ©Copyright 2000 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Malte Schremmer is co-founder of the non-profit company Goldeimer. Goldeimer gGmbH produces and sells social toilet paper, composting toilets and other sustainable sanitary products. In addition, the company carries out educational work in politics and society for a sanitary turnaround towards a circular economy. The company uses its profits to give people worldwide access to a secure sanitary supply.
Raffael Wohlgeninger ©Formo
Raffael Wohlgensinger is co-founder of the Berlin-based food biotech company Formo. Formo develops and produces sustainable and vegan dairy products. To do this, the company produces the milk proteins using yeast and fermentation in the laboratory, producing completely animal-free tasty cheese.
Julia Gause ©Fairafric AG
Julia Gause is a member of the management board of fairafric. Fairafric is one of the few companies worldwide that produces chocolate from tree-to-bar in West Africa. In doing so, the largest possible part of the value chain remains in the country where the cocoa is grown. Thus, local wages increase by more than 300% compared to conventional cocoa farming (cf. with certifications such as fairtrade or utz, this is about 8%).
Fabien Matthias ©Copyright 2000 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Fabien Matthias is co-founder of EcoPals and NIDISI. Ecopals offers a more sustainable and high performance asphalt additive through plastic recycling (reduction of CO2 footprint by 15% compared to regular asphalt). NIDISI gGmbH is active in Nepal in the areas of education, drinking water treatment and menstrual products, and promotes the local economy through social entrepreneurship.
Alexandra Herget ©Charlottte Hafke
Alexandra Herget is co-founder of the Hamburg-based company TUTAKA. TUTAKA is the analufstelle for sustainable hospitality. In its online marketplace, TUTAKA offers sustainable products for the hospitality industry. The sustainability consultancy TUTAKA Island advises hosts in the process of sustainability transformation.
Stefan Rennicke ©Marc Thürbach
Stefan Rennicke is co-founder of Kaya&Kato. Kaya&Kato specializes in sustainable textile production. Besides design and style, the focus is on a transparent and fair supply chain.
Manouchehr Shamsrizi ©RetroBrain R&D GmbH
Manouchehr Shamsrizi is co-founder of RetroBrain R&D GmbH in Hamburg. With the memore Box, the company has developed a game console for senior citizens. The memoreBox is a certified health app and can reduce the effects of age-related diseases such as dementia and Parkinson's, reduce the risk of falls and promote inclusion in senior homes through shared activities.
Stefan Buchholz ©Charlottte Hafke
Stefan Buchholz is co-founder of the social muesli roasting company HEYHO. HEYHO follows the credo not to hire people to roast oats, but to roast oats to hire people! Thus HEYHO creates perspectives for people who are excluded from the first labor market.