Course Schedule


Ways of Knowing (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Andrew Brogan, Steffi Hobuß

wöchentlich | Donnerstag | 14:15 - 15:45 | 17.10.2022 - 03.02.2023 | C 12.006 Seminarraum | C 12.006
wöchentlich | Donnerstag | 13:00 - 14:00 | 03.11.2022 - 03.02.2023 | C 12.105 Seminarraum | C 12.105
Einzeltermin | Do, 02.02.2023, 14:00 - Do, 02.02.2023, 18:30 | C 14.006 Seminarraum

Inhalt: The skills required to pursue a degree in the Studium Individuale are, of course, likely to vary considerably according to the individual path taken. But there are shared approaches underlying these differences which are fundamental to the particular challenges of this program: 1) Asking good questions. 2) Knowing how to approach answering them. 3) Having a sound general academic literacy and the ability to interpret diverse subjects. 4) The ability to develop independence and deal resiliently and productively with difficulty, uncertainty and unfamiliarity. This course asks you to be active, engaged, reflective, self-reliant. And it provides you with the tools and support with which to pursue an ambitious project across the semester. The vital skills we want to begin to develop are “knowing how to know” and fostering a continually reflective outlook within the pursuit of self-directed learning. We also want to instil the basis of skills which can then be honed and developed through practical application and ongoing experiment, within this course and ultimately beyond it. If we assume that – as your degrees unfold – your questions are likely to imply complicated and connected methodological approaches, then what you need to develop is a roadmap for navigating diverse approaches and their intersections.