Final theses

Are you looking for topic for your bachelor's or master's thesis? On this page, you find suggestions for topics for final theses from the research of the professorship. We also offer our support in developing new topics.

If you are interested, send an email to the person responsible for the topic suggestion or to a team member working in the field of your interest.

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Completed theses

Master's theses

  • Philip Bernert (2015): The contribution of Local Living Economies to sustainability: Enabling transformation in regional economies
  • Franziska Haucke (2014): Die Rolle der Ortsgebundenheit in der Quartiersentwicklung
  • Beatrice John (2012): How much sustainability substance is in urban visions? Criteria based assessment of visions in urban planning
  • Thilo Schroth (2012): How to Systemically Analyze the Sustainability Potential of Projects under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism?
  • Annika Weiser (2012): Dealing with Indium Criticality - Relating Technology Options and Governance Interventions as a Contribution towards a Sustainable Indium Use

Bachelor's theses

  • Lena Knoop (2012): Contribution of locally owned retail to sustainable development through regionalization from the perspective of Lüneburg’s retailers - Identification of potential sustainability impacts
  • Christopher Luederitz (2012): A systematic review of the principles for sustainable urban neighborhood development