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Completed theses

Master's theses

  • Philip Bernert (2015): The contribution of Local Living Economies to sustainability: Enabling transformation in regional economies
  • Franziska Haucke (2014): Die Rolle der Ortsgebundenheit in der Quartiersentwicklung
  • Beatrice John (2012): How much sustainability substance is in urban visions? Criteria based assessment of visions in urban planning
  • Thilo Schroth (2012): How to Systemically Analyze the Sustainability Potential of Projects under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism?
  • Annika Weiser (2012): Dealing with Indium Criticality - Relating Technology Options and Governance Interventions as a Contribution towards a Sustainable Indium Use

Bachelor's theses

  • Lena Knoop (2012): Contribution of locally owned retail to sustainable development through regionalization from the perspective of Lüneburg’s retailers - Identification of potential sustainability impacts
  • Christopher Luederitz (2012): A systematic review of the principles for sustainable urban neighborhood development