Eva Illouz: Knowing way too much... Love, Therapy, Technology

2016-01-27 Public Keynote to the Symposium Non-Knowledge and Digital Cultures

Venue: Musikschule Lüneburg, St. Ursula Weg 7, 21335 Lüneburg
Time: 18:00–20:00

Public Keynote to the Symposium Non-Knowledge and Digital Cultures, with Timon Beyes, Paula Bialski, John Durham Peters, Eva Illouz, Noortje Marres, Claus Pias, Katja Rothe, and Christoph Wulf.

In her paper, Illouz intends to examine critically the notion of “non-knowlegde” which includes several different meanings: non knowledge can be “tacit knowledge” (Polanyi, 1986); intuition or non conscious knowledge (Wilson, 2004); secrecy (Simmel) ; or denial of knowledge (Cohen, 2001). After such conceptual clarification, she discusses the dichotomy between knowledge and non-knowledge as developed by Andreas Bernard, and apply her conclusions to the realm of digital culture and romantic love.

Eva Illouz is a sociologist and one of the most important contemporary intellectuals. Her books, such as "Consuming the Romantic Utopia: Love and the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism" or “Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation” are international bestsellers. In Lüneburg, Illouz – who teaches in Jerusalem and Paris – speaks about the connection between contemporary concepts of love, psychoanalysis, and digital technology.