CDC Forum: Universität im Ausnahmezustand: „Nicht-Semester“ oder Business as Usual

2020-04-14 CDC Forum Summer Semester 2020 (via video conference) Discussion with representatives of the AStA of Leuphana, Ruth Mayer and Florian Sprenger; Moderation: Andreas Bernard

The corona epidemic and the associated shift of teaching into digital space has placed the university in a state of emergency. Since the beginning of the crisis, a number of different concepts have been circulating from the "virtual university" to the controversially discussed "non-semester". To kick off the series of events, Daryoush Danaii, Ruth Mayer and Florian Sprenger will talk about the current situation at the universities. Moderation: Andreas Bernard

Prof. Ruth Mayer is Professor of American Studies at the English Department of the University of Hannover and co-initiator of the "Non-Semester" Initiative

Daryoush Danaii is a student at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and is the spokesman for AStA.

Prof. Dr. Florian Sprenger is Professor for Virtual Humanities at the Institute for Media Science at the Ruhr University Bochum.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bernard is spokesperson of the Center for Digital Cultures at the Leuphana University.

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