Dr. Imanuel Schipper

Imanuel Schipper is a performance studies scholar, dramaturge and curator, based at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) where he teaches at the MA for Transdisciplinary Studies. As a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Critical Theory at the ZHdK, his researches have been financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation: Longing for Authenticity – Critical Research on the Concept and Experience of Contemporary Theatre Settings and Re/Occupation – Construction of Publicness through Theatrical Interventions in Urban Spaces.

Since 2012 he is Head of trans4mator, an organization that brings together scholars, practitioners and artists in different events, congresses and other occasions, focussing on questions like: what can the arts do for the urban society? (reART:theURBAN, Zurich 2012), artistic ways of urban appropriation (MY CITY, Urbane Künste Ruhr, 2013), interweavings of games, performances and urban space (rePLAYCE:theCITY, Zurich 2013), construction of the common culture for future generations (performaCITY, Basel 2014).

He had lectures at international conferences and published papers, essay and book chapters on authenticity on the stage, performances in and of the city and other themes around contemporary performances. (a.o. TDR / The Drama Review, MIT Press; Theater der Zeit, Berlin; LIT Verlag, Berlin)

Imanuel Schipper has been working as a dramaturge with William Forsythe and the internationally well known theatre collective Rimini Protokoll for many years, most recently on a staging of the world climate conference at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg