Dr. Lawrence Liang

Education / Awards

  • Hughes Visiting Scholar, Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Michigan University  
  • Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Anthropology department, Columbia University 2010-11  
  • Recipient of the New India Foundation Grant  
  • Ph.D, JNU, Film Studies Dept. (Submitted 2014)
  • PG Diploma in Cultural Theory, Centre for study of Culture and Society, Bangalore
  • LLM in Law and Development, University of Warwick, UK. (Awardee, British Chevening Scholarship)
  • Awarded the Best Outgoing student by the Warwick Law School, 98-99.
  • Graduated with the B.A., LLB. (Hons.) Degree from the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, in August 1998.
  • English Honors in English Literature, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore

Publications (excerpt)

Co-Editing a book length interview with Prof. Upendra Baxi which traces his intellectual contribution to legal scholarship in India.  

Invisible Libraries co authored with Danish Sheikh and Monica James: Speculative fiction on libraries and the future of reading (Forthcoming, Yoda 2015)  

2007 The Public is Watching: Sex, Laws and Videotape, (New Delhi: PSBT, 2007)

2005 Guest Editor, Sarai Reader 05: Bare Acts (New Delhi: Sarai/CSDS, 2005)

2007 Primer on Open Content, UNDP : IOSN, (Elsevier: 2007)  

2004 Guide to Open Content Licenses (Piet Zwart Institute: Rotterdam)

Articles in Journals and Books
2014: Bullies in Armani Suits: Himal Quarterly Journal 2014  

Ultranationalism: A proposal for a quiet withdrawal, E-flux, Volume 56, June 2014  

2013: Following Fans: The Curious case of the man from Japan, Artconnect, IFA Quarterly Journal, September 2013

The Woman who pretended to be who she was (online), Himal Quarterly Journal, 2013

Terrorism, Media Trials and the right to Fair Trial, in Media and Terrorism, Students Islamic Organization, 2013

Sensuous Encounters: Law, Affect and the Media Event, in Ravi Sundaram (Ed.), No Limits: Media Studies form India, OUP, 2013

Beyond Representation: The figure of the pirate in LarsEckstein, Ed. Postcolonial Piracy, 2013

2011: Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a magic chair, E-flux, Issue 27, 2011

Media’s Law: From Representation to Affect, in Ravi Sundaram, Ed., After Media

Songlines for our times, Preview, Sternberg Press, 2010

2010: Media’s Law: From Representation to Affect, BioScope 2(1) 23–40

Exceptions and Limitations in Indian Copyright Law for Education: An Assessment, The Law and Development Review, Volume 3, Issue 2 2010, Article 7 SPECIAL ISSUE (2010)

Striving for Magic in the city of Words: Law and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Naz Judgment, in Gautam Bhan, Arvind Narrain et al (Eds.), Law like Love, Yoda, New Delhi, 2010

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Book in Gaëlle Krikorian and Amy Kapczynski (Ed.s), Access to knowledge in the age of intellectual property, Zone Books, NY, 2010

Beyond Representation: The Figure of the PirateGaëlle Krikorian and Amy Kapczynski (Ed.s), Access to knowledge in the age of intellectual property, Zone Books, NY, 2010