Thomas Pringle

Thomas Patrick Pringle is a SSHRC Doctoral and Presidential Fellow with the department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. Thomas holds an MA in Cultural Studies from McGill University, where he completed research with the Moving Image Research Laboratory, the Senselab Montréal, and co-founded the mobile media project ‘Cinema out of the Box.’ His inquiries consider documentary media, ecological science, sensory perception, and state violence through an expansive and transversal critical approach. Alongside researchers at Brown and the Centre for Digital Cultures at Leuphana University, Thomas was a member of the organizational team for the ‘Terms of Media’ conference hosted in 2015 by both institutions. He has recently published articles on the media history of radiation and photography in NECSUS: European Journal of Film Studies and addressed new documentary politics in Journal of Film and Video. Thomas’s developing dissertation attends to questions of media politics, visibility, geological control and colonialism located at the intersection of global information network infrastructure and climate change.