Statistik-Themen und statistische Daten:

Animated Statistic Links:

  • Universität Konstanz, Überblick über diskrete und stetige Verteilungen.
  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics. Simulationen und Beispiele zu Stichprobenverteilungen.
  • Programs that can be run by a browser (Applets, VRML, etc.) 
These are programs to demonstrate basic ideas of probability and statistics that can be run from the Web using one of the standard browsers. We will try to keep here only programs that work and do not crash your computer too often.
  • R. Heckerd, et al. A Prototype Multimedimedia Module. 
STEPS is a large project carried out in the UK to provide software to assist in allowing students to discover statistical knowledge based on looking at specific problems arising in Biology, Business, Geography and Psychology.
  • WebStat 1.0 Beta 
Webster West, Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina 
Webster West wrote the elegant applets for illustrating statistical concepts that we have referred to many times. His latest product, Webstat, is a statistical package designed to allow the user to analyze data on the web with the usual graphic tools and statistical tests. It works on any platform and is free.
Statlets. Java Applets for statistical analysis and graphics. 
NWP Associates, Inc., Princeton NJ
Like WebStat, Statlets allows you to analyze data on the internet. It provides the standard types of graphical output and statistical tests. You can also download Statlets to your machine and run it locally. The academic version is free and permits data with 100 rows and 10 columns. The commercial version ($195) permits up to 20,000 rows and 100 columns.
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics. 
Kyle Siegrist, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Alabama in Huntsville 
This is an NSF project to develop interactive, web-based modules in probability and statistics. Each module explores a topic by means of expository text, exercises graphics, and interactive applets written in Java. This is an excellent site for those who still want to have their students understand, in a painless way, the probability theory behind some of the basic statistical concepts and tests. Kyle Siegrist, is also the author of "Interactive Probability" Wadsworth 1997.