Adjust for Windows Version 1.1,

Program Manual

Joachim Merz and Henning Stolze



ADJUST FOR WINDOWS is a program package to adjust large microdata files by the information theory (entropy) based minimum information loss principle. It is useful for all that tasks, where representative results of sample data by (re)weighting are desirable. In particular, a simultaneous and consistent adjustment is possible with the developed nonlinear optimization approach, in which for a variety of even hierarchical ordered variables one single weighting factor per microunit is chosen to simultaneous achieve given margins after a weighted summing up.The adjustment of microdata is an essential part of microsimulation models, too. Particularly in static microsimulation models appropriate adjustment ((re-)weighting) of a sample is the procedure to update (a starting or a resulting file) or to extrapolate the underlying sample (´static aging´) into the future.This is the program manual of the most recent development ADJUST FOR WINDOWS, or as a shortcut: ADJUST/WIN, and includes tasks, characteristics and experiences with the ADJUST/WIN package, methodological foundations and program handling, program parameters and the respective program and example files. Running as a native 32 bit-Windows application, compared to the former versions this version benefits from a general increase in performance, unlimited microdata and restrictions (totals, margins), an easier-to-use (graphical) user interface and the ability to import microdata from various sources and database formats. ADJUST FOR WINDOWS is running under the following Windows versions: 95, 98, ME as well as 2000 and NT 4.0.This documentation – besides the general handling description – includes ADJUST FOR WINDOWS updates till version