Projects and Courses

Leuphana Digital School’s courses and offerings value team-based connected learning in larger networks, mentoring, interdisciplinarity and problem-based pedagogy. In our courses, we ask ‘big questions’ of the 21st century and enable our participants to approach them from multiple, interdisciplinary perspectives and backgrounds.

In the courses and formats we develop, we foster peer learning practices. Participants engage in teams and they give each other valuable feedback. Mentors and experts, who act on eye-level with other participants, become part of this community by offering domain-specific guidance. Leuphana Digital School’s course design is always influenced by concepts of connected and distributed learning. 

Principles of collaboration and networks also play a role in the way we set up projects and courses. We aim to partner with other institutions that complement our abilities, our own networks and strengths. Our aim is to serve and enable a diverse and heterogenous community of learners and pursuing this aim can only be done if the project team itself is diverse.