Institute of Urban and Cultural Area Research

The Institute for Urban and Cultural Area Research is part of the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. It is divided into the departments of Building Culture, Cultural Geography and Tourism Studies.


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Architecture and Digital Culture
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ursula Kirschner

Apl. Prof. Dr. Peter Pez
Apl. Prof, Dr. Martin Pries


Research at the Institute for Urban and Cultural Area Research is conducted by the respective experts of each special field. More information on individual research projects can be found on the relevant pages of the Institute's staff.

Department Cultural Geography

In the Department of Cultural Geography, the question of the relation to space plays a major role. From this geographical perspective, cultural landscape research is conducted, also in the historical-geographical sense. Not only from a historical perspective urban spaces are examined in urban-geographical contexts. Further focal points are geographic transport research and economic-geographic issues.

An overview of the fields of research:

-    Transport Geography
-    Economic Geography
-    City Geography
-    (Historical) Cultural Landscape Research

Department of Building Culture

Overview of the research fields:

-    Digital and haptic architecture models
-    Computer integration in the creative planning process
-    Revitalization - Cultural heritage
-    Perception of city and space

Department of Tourism Studies

The research of the Department of Tourism Studies covers the following areas:

-    Travel/holidays as leisure activity and appropriation of space
-    Leisure as a late-modern phenomenon
-    Touristification of rooms
-    Control of destination tourism areas
-    Travel behavior and security
-    Tourism marketing/-management
-    Room consumption


In teaching, our institute is involved in the Major in Cultural Studies with the specialisation 'Urban and Cultural Spatial Research' (previously 'Building Culture' and 'Cultural Spatial Development') as well as in the Minor in Spatial Sciences of the Leuphana Bachelor.


After completing the Master's programme, students have the opportunity to obtain a doctorate with the degree of Dr. phil.
The doctoral procedure is carried out in the Doctoral Research Group Urban and Cultural Area Research.