CDC Forum: Epidemiologie der Serie

04. May

CDC Forum Summer Semester 2020 (via video conference) Daniela Wentz

Contemporary television and steaming series revolve remarkably often around problems and questions of epidemiology. In series such as 24, ReGenesis, and Numb3rs, the threat of epidemics can no longer be dealt with using statistical and probabilistic instruments alone, as Foucault identified them for the 19th century as a constitutive technology of knowledge and government. Instead, they follow, according to the thesis, the logic and dynamics of the knowledge technology currently responsible for epidemiological questions: simulation. This seems to be not only the adequate answer to epidemic problems, but the nexus of epidemic and simulation as a narrative, process and action logic seems to correspond to the demands and characteristics of contemporary (TV) seriality to a special degree.

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4–5 pm