The center is embedded in strong international Networks such as the Network of Programs in Transformational Sustainability (NEPS), an existing international network of partners of sustainability degree-granting universities in:

  • Europe (Maastricht University, Lund University, UPC Barcelona, Leuphana University of Lüneburg)
  • Asia (Tokyo University),
  • Africa (Stellenbosch University) and
  • North America (Arizona State University).


Cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW):
The Center for Global Sustainability and Cultural Transformation is a cooperating partner in HKW’s Technosphere Project.

The Technosphere Project (2015 – 18) focuses on the role of technology in achieving planetary unity and control in the ear of the Anthropocene. It critically reflects both opportunities and challenges and analyzes the historical processes that have contributed to the current singularity in the history of the planet with on species dominating all planetary processes.

  • How did we end up in this world of technological vertigo, this Mobius strip of world and planetary technics, wherein cause and effect, local and global factors, human and non-human agency, perpetually confuse and confound one another’s borders?
  • What governs this constitution (or collision) of forces?
  • And what are the contingent, strategic, or historical events and networks that form durable apparatuses among them?