Global Classroom

The Global Classroom is a teaching/learning environment funded by the Stiftung Mercator that brings together undergraduate students from different cultures in a collaborative, digitally facilitated transdisciplinary learning environment to learn together.

ASU-Leuphana Double Degree Masters

In the ASU-Leuphana Double Degree Masters, students will be educated on basis of the Key Competencies in Sustainability (Wiek et al. 2011). It provides a platform to further educational research on competencies, problem and project-based learning, and didactic techniques for sustainability science education. The program will have a special focus on transcultural competencies (referring to a special component of interpersonal competence), complex adaptive systems (as means to achieve a deep systems thinking competence) and transformational sustainability research (emphasizing the strategic as well as normative competence). The research-based program is scheduled to start in autumn 2015.