International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)

The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU ) is a global project, which is responsible for cross-border communication on environmental and developmental topics. Structurally the IYGU is constructed as a global network, the Regional Action Centers (RAC) are responsible for the country-specific commitments in the work area. Coordination of the multispectral initiatives is centralized in IYGU General Secretariat in Jena, Germany. The german RAC is located in the University of Lüneburg and affiliated to the Center for Global Sustainability and Cultural Transformation (CGSC).

The International Year of global Understanding is dedicated to the connection of global challenges in a sustainable development, taking account of regional strategies and constellations. IYGU will provide fundamental insights into the global context and make locally and regionally appropriate suggestions on how people can live together in a sustainable future. Important details in this project are formed by the elements of research, education and information. Via inter- and trans-disciplinary collaboration progress can be evaluated from different perspectives.

The central idea of IYGU sensitizes to question own actions in an international context critically and to participate in the sustainable growth. Coherent solutions based on cultural and social aspects, thus creating the basis for accepted changes. To be an individual part of the far-reaching sustainable developments the key to success.


  • Prof. Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier


Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Center for Global Sustainability and Cultural Transformation (CGSC)
International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)
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D-21335 Lüneburg
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