IYGU and Zukunftsstadt 2030+

The project Lüneburg Zukunftsstadt 2030+ is the result of a design competetion of 750 students of the Leuphana University Lüneburg. The students were supported by 200 practical of the region.This made it possible to develop 25 visions for future life in Lüneburg and around. Sustainable innovations in the field of transport, facility management and resource-saving energy are focused.

Within the framework of the future a local interpretation and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be aspired. This goals were adopted from the United Nations in September 2015. The aim is a solution to the hanseatic town of Lüneburg, in which the global responsibility of all citizens is reflecting all spheres of activity. Good practice solutions can transfer these solutions ideally in other local contexts of application.

The course of the project Lüneburg Zukunftsstadt 2030+ is divided up into three phases. The start and the first phase of this project was the interdisciplinary module "Science ha a responsibility" of students in the first semester, in winter 2015/2016. For the transaction the new students of the Leuphana University Lüneburg developed together with a variety of stakeholders the visions for a sustainable life in Lüneburg. Here, a total 25 fields of action such as work, urban ecology, youth, culture, retail, mobility or existence and health care were discussed. Theses voices were visualized - in 25 different visions that now share the "Atlas Lüneburg Zukunftsstadt 2030+" result. This atlas was turned over to the mayor in May 2016.

From November 2016 the project is in the second phase of the competition. The pilot project was adopted by master students of sustainability science in April 2016. They picked only one of the 25 visions and depressed it. In a transdisciplinary project a strategy for implementing the vision "Lünefood" is developed. For this purpose students dedicate together with the citizens of Lüneburg the challenge to supply the city of Lüneburg till 2030 with sustainable food. In this teaching-learning approach university and city come together to work on implementation strategies for a sustainable future city Lüneburg. In regular meetings of a steering group for the project Lüneburg Zukunftsstadt 2030+ the approach between students, employers of the city, civil society and teachers will be voted.

Fusion of Lüneburg Zukunftsstadt 2030+ and the IYGU

                                  "Think global, act local"

this is not only the guideline of the future city, but also the key attribute of the International Year of Global Understanding. On the one hand citizens of Lüneburg get the opportunity to support the future design of their habitat. O the other hand this development is encouraged and promoted by partners and experts of the region. While developing a future life local conditions are taken into account and out into a global context.