Prof. Dr. Alain Pottage

Alain Pottage is Professor of Law, Law School, Sciences Po, Paris. Previously he was Professor of Law, Law Department, London School of Economics. His research focuses on questions in the history and theory of intellectual property, and on the question of law in the Anthropocene. Currently he is working on a project about Climate Change and the Legal Tradition (funded by IEP Paris), which explores the relation between climate change and the legal imagination. His project Climate Change and Intellectual Property explores the evolution of innovation (as it is developed in intellectual property jurisprudence) from the perspective of climate change.

He has held numerous visiting scholarships and professorships at Goethe University, Frankfurt; Griffith Law School, Brisbane, Harvard University, Cornell Law School, Ithaca NY, University of Sydney NSW, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.

His most recent publications include "Dark transparency" (with Mario Biagioli), Los Angeles Review of Books, March 2022; "A knowledge apart" in Schutz & Zartaloudis (eds.): Yan Thomas,Legal Artifices: Ten Essays on Roman Law in the Present Tense (2021); "An apocalyptic patent" (2021) Law & Critique 30(3); "Patenting personalized medicine: Molecules, information, and the body" (with Mario Biagioli) (2021) 36 Osiris; "Holocene jurisprudence’" (2019) 10(2) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment; "Finding Melanesia in ancient Rome. Mauss’s anthropology of nexum" in Sinclair Bell & Paul du Plessis (eds.) The Dawn of Roman Law (2020). He has co-authored (with Brad Sherman) Figures of Invention: A History of Modern Patent Law (2010), and co-edited (with Martha Mundy) Law, Anthropology, and the Constitution of the Social: Making Persons and Things (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society) (2004).