7.2.2019: Workshop & Performance: Forum Theatre

07. Feb

7.2.2019: Workshop & Performance: Forum Theatre


7.2.2019 10:30-12:30h und 14-16h Workshop (C40.530); 18-19h Aufführung (AudiMax)

[C40.530 ]


Ulli Vilsmaier/Susanne Mitterhuber


Veranstaltungsart: Workshop & Performance
Semesterwochenstunden: 0,5
Anmeldeverfahren: dezentral
Maximale Teilnehmer_innenzahl: 5


Verfahren: offene Anmeldung für max. 5 Teilnehmer_innen
Zeit: bis 4.2.2019


Unterrichssprache: Englisch
Webseite: leveragepoints2019.leuphana.de

Forum Theatre is a type of theatre created by the innovative and influential practitioner Augusto Boal, one of the techniques under the umbrella term of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). This relates to the engagement of spectators influencing and engaging with the performance as both spectators and actors, termed ‘spect-actors’, with the power to stop and change the performance. As part of TO, the issues dealt with in Forum Theatre are often related to areas of social justice with aims to explore solutions to oppression featured in the performance. The work of Augusto Boal is also inspired and based on the teachings of Paulo Freire.
The Forum Theatre Workshop offers the opportunity for further reflection and deeper emotional insight into issues and topics dealt with at the Leverage Points Conference (http://leveragepoints2019.leuphana.de). During the workshop, students and participants of the conference get familiar with Forum Theater and develop a theatre sequence that will be presented during the conference.  By initiating a creative process between audience and actors, a theatrical performance is realised in which the participants can review their experiences.

The workshop and performance offers the opportunity to learn about and to experience Forum Theater and the issues and topics that are dealt with during the Conference.


Participation during the workshop and performance will be certified.


The workshop forms part of the Leverage Points Conference. Participants should familiarize with the content and aims of the conference (see: leveragepoints2019.leuphana.de)

Mag.a Susanne Mitterhuber is theatre teacher, trainer, clown and member of the playback theatre group SOG Theater, Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Conception, design and realisation of theatre projects with focus on reminiscence and biographical work, community theatre and violence prevention. Various playwritings and performances in art exhibitions as well as history museums. She uses the methods of the theatre of the oppressed as creative form of practice-oriented learning in work teams or training groups. Forum theatre is especially suitable to change perspectives on challenging situations and enable a playful try-out of alternative options for action.