R Schulung

08. Jan

Using R for Data Analysis and Statistics

This course provides an introduction to R, one of the most vibrant, comprehensive and free of charge statistical computing environments. In this course participants will learn how to use R for data analysis and statistics at the introductory level. The course will cover a selected range of basic topics (e.g., reading data into R, data manipulation, graphical visualization of data) to more advanced topics (statistical models, forecasting).

Section 1: Core Blocks
Block 1: R, Data Management
Block 2: R, Graph and Descriptive Statistics
Block 3: R, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression
Section 2: (Optional) R with Examples
Block 4a: R, Time Series and Panel Data
Block 4b: R and Panel Data
Block 4c: R and Machine Learning: A very basic introduction
Block 4d: Individual Projects

The course will be taught digital on Fridays, 08th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th January 2021, from 8:30 to 13:00.

Participation requirements
No special prerequisites are required for this course. (Although the course is introductory with respect to R (not statistics), an introduction to statistics will be given if required). Course participants will need to bring a laptop computer for performing the practical exercises. The laptop should have the following software: R and Rstudio (free open-source software). Download R from cran.r-project.org; Download RStudio (Desktop) from www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/.