ITA Seminars

Inter- and transdisciplinary Seminars “ITA”

We offer a two-day seminar to work on Interdisciplinary (Id) and Transdisciplinary (Td) research and teaching. The ITA is part of an overall effort to expand our mutual understanding of the theory and practice of Id and Td research.
The seminar is intended to help university teachers and researchers take stock of their current Id and Td projects. To this end, this seminar provides theoretical and practical insights into methods and processes of Id and Td research.
Further, we have developd the “edu_ITA” Seminar that aims at examining possible approaches to transforming disciplinary and multidisciplinary courses into Id and Td learning environments.
The ITA Seminars are further conceptualized as a place to reflect on one’s own research and teaching and learning experiences with multidisciplinary teams. It is also a chance to make visible and share the different ways Id and Td are already defined and put into practice at different universities.

Previous editions:


2018: Seminario edu_ITA “Educación Inter- y Transdisciplinaria en Acción”, March 14th and 15th 2018

2017: Inter- y Transdisciplina en Acción, March 3rd and 4th 2016

2016Explorando topologías de investigación en el DEI", March 3rd, 2017


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