Upcoming Workshops

Totalizing Temporalities: Time and History in Nationalist Movements

23rd and 24th of February 2024 Campus | Central Building

This workshop invites researchers to investigate the treatment of time and history in two very different socio-political contexts of nationalism. For one, we are asking after the histories, presents, futures and timelines that colonized, marginalized and/or brutalized peoples created in their (often emancipatory) formations of nationalist thought, contesting the enforced temporalities of their oppressors. On the other, and by way of contrast, we want to examine the present rise of the extreme right  and the use of puzzling and contradictory totalizing temporalities to re-define the present in order to signal a reactionary future within the current market rule order.

The workshop "Totalizing Temporalities" provides space for academic exchange. We explicitly avoid a panel structure, in order to have engaged and long discussions and flexible formats. We kindly ask our speakers to provide a very short (max. three sentences) outlook on their research topic in advance. At the workshop, every guest will have ten to fifteen minutes to present their research in relation to the topic outlined and the texts we circulated. After these short introductions, we will facilitate debates, looking for possible overlaps or collaborations.

Due to limited space, we kindly ask anyone interested in joining us to contact us via (cora.kueppers@leuphana.de) and supply a short statement on their research and their tentative contribution by the 9th February.

For more information, please contact the organizers, Adriá Alcoverro and Verena Adamik.

Confirmed participants so far: Prof. Dr. Richard Drayton (King's College London), Ben Hundertmark (Leuphana); Dr. Felix Hüttemann (Universität Paderborn); Dr. Michaela Keck (PD, CvO Universität Oldenburg); Prof. Dr. Michael Koß (Leuphana); Prof. Dr. Andrea Kretschmann (Leuphana); Cora Küppers (Lauphana); Lara Rowitz (Leuphana); Prof. Dr. Hannah Spahn (FU Berlin); Dr. Simon Strick (ZeM Brandenburg); Milan Stürmer (Leuphana); Dr. Katherine Williams (Cardiff University)

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