Differentielle Psychologie und Psychologische Diagnostik

Current Courses

Prof. Dr. Alexander Freund

Doctoral colloquium Psychology and Self-regulation

Diskussion aktueller Promotionsvorhaben

Ziel: Fachbezogene Weiterbildung (vertiefende Expertise in der Konzeption, Planung und Durchführung empirischer Forschungsprojekte)

Test Theory

Advanced Differential Psychology

After a short introduction to meta-analysis as a research method, we will

deal with a selection of (published) meta-analyses covering various topics from the (very broad) realm of individual differences.

Selected Topics in Psychology: Assessment Issues

The goals of this course are to

- give an overview on psychometric models applicable to (quantitative) survey response data

- develop and conduct an online survey

- utilize standard software (R) to model empirical survey response data

Ziel: Upon the completion of this course, students should have accomplished the following / be able to:

- Acquire knowledge on how to design, implement and conduct survey studies

- Consider how to model survey response data using conceptually different psychometric models

- Gain practical software skills

- Gain academic writing skills

Intelligence, Creativity, and Giftedness

Das Seminar befasst sich mit Theorien zu den psychologischen Konstrukten Intelligenz, Kreativität und Hochbegabung. Darüber hinaus werden praxisrelevante Themen wie bspw. Umgang mit Hochbegabung im Schulunterricht behandelt und vertieft.

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