The Global Classroom

Liberal Arts Education in the 21st century

Global sustainability challenges require global solutions. Yet, most forms of action occur at the local level. The effects of local actions spread to the global level through multiple and interconnected networks. Being able to approach sustainability challenges in both local and global contexts is thus critical to higher education for sustainability in the 21st century. Therefore, we need curricula and teaching and learning environments that enable students to become critical citizens who actively participate and engage in solutions for realworld challenges.

Study Program

Learning in the Global Classroom curriculum revolves around several core competencies.
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Research and Approach

The Global Classroom project is accompanied by substantial qualitative research. The goal was substantial practical relevance for instructors and program designers.
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Student Projects

Global Classroom students developed research projects that connect the urban areas of Hamburg/Lüneburg (Germany) and Phoenix/Tempe (USA) in a shared global research context.
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Research and Transfer in the Global Classroom project is still ongoing.
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Global Classroom
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