Political economy

Research and teaching at the professorship lie at the intersection of Global, Comparative, and Historical Political Economy. The primary research focus is the influence of global, societal, and historical factors on state financing. A key aspect of the scientific work revolves around the role of power and hegemony in negotiating global tax agreements. An ERC project group at the chair is, moreover, dedicated to examining the influence of colonial economic structures and racism on the emergence of tax havens in the Global South. The professorship's teaching is rooted in the field of Global Political Economy, imparting an understanding of the interplay between power and wealth over long historical periods, and enabling students to analyze a changing world economy from a variety of theoretical perspectives. While the professorship mostly engages in empirical-analytical research, it is open towards – and interested in – a variety of epistemological and ontological positions. We problematize Eurocentrism, racialization, and group-based inequalities, and reflect the diversity among researchers throughout our course offerings.



  • Prof. Dr. Lukas Hakelberg


  • Gundula Meyer

Student Assistants

Rizwan Wazir