Institute of Political Science

The Institute of Political Science (IPW) is responsible for all matters related to research, teaching and the study of political science. As part of the School of Public Affairs, the IPW's main objective is to consistently offer high-quality teaching course for various degree programs. Moreover, the Department promotes research as well as internationally visible publications across a broad range of topics. The research activities of the Institute’s members are documented on the webpage of the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD). For updates on public lectures and conferences, please consult the CSD`s website ZDEMO.

Research Activities

Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU
Prof. Dr. Michael Koß

International Relations
Prof. Dr. Tobias Lenz

Research of Political Culture
Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel

Comparative Politics
Prof. Dr. Sarah Engler

Political Theory
Prof. Dr. Astrid Séville

Public Policy and Law
Prof. Dr. Natascha Zaun


The Institute is mainly responsible for the following study programs on the bachelor- and masterlevel::


Political Science
Political Science Minor
Doppelstudium mit Aufenthalt in Paris (Only in German)
Lehren und Lernen: Unterrichtsfach Politik (Only in German)


Public Economics, Law and Politics
Theory und History of Modernity


After graduation of the master´s programm you will have the opportunity to attend the Phd programm in order to obtain the doctoral degree "Dr. phil." and "Dr. rer. pol." in the following subjects:

Doctoral Research Group Political Science

Doctoral studies program