Methodology and market psychology

Prof. Dr. Gerd Meier represents market psychology and psychological methodology in research and teaching. The research fields of market psychology include topics of "Sensory Marketing", "Cute Marketing", personnel marketing and "Psychological Pricing". Methodology includes (online) experiments as well as quantitative and qualitative market research. In-house research, seminars, and students' theses address issues of advertising effectiveness, public relations strategies, explaining and predicting the behavior of sellers and buyers, and the perception and cognitive evaluation of different prices. In "sensory marketing", for example, the effects of packaging, organic or sustainability labels and brand names are studied, while in personnel marketing the effect of gender-appropriate language in job advertisements is investigated. Research questions in methodology are the effects of new research methods and the optimization of established research methods.


  • Prof. Dr. Gerd Meier
  • Elke Bartkowiak
  • Elke Dassow