Preparation Course Mathematics

As of now, the Center of Methods at the Leuphana University Lüneburg provides students from various study programs* an opportunity to prepare for mathematics related modules with the software OMB+ (Online Mathematik Brückenkurs).

The platform can be used anywhere and at any time to refresh one’s school knowledge. The speed at which the student works through the exercises and explanations can be adapted individually.

Interested students can register with their university e-mail address under

Mathematics related topics can be studied on the website before the beginning of the semester. Thus, the software ensures that the students are well prepared for their studies and creates equal starting conditions.

The courses “Elementary Calculus: Sets and Numbers”, “Elementary Calculus: Proportionality, Percentage”, “Equations in One Unknown”, “Elementary Functions”, “Differential Calculus” and “Integral Calculus” build a good basis for the lectures on Mathematics.

The OMB+ course “Stochastics” is recommended as preparation for the lectures on Statistics.

The Center of Methods offers virtual consultation hours (via Zoom) in case of technical difficulties, content related questions or recommendations. To get in touch and make an appointment, contact

* Business Administration, Engineering, Economics, International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship, Business Information Systems, Business Education, Environmental Sciences, Global Environmental & Sustainability Studies, (Business) Education