Student Portrait: Timon Scheuer – "It's working out for me here"

2021-09-13 The new master's program "Culture and Organization" combines cultural studies with entrepreneurial content. In addition to his studies, the 25-year-old is involved with "Originalton. The student association plans to reopen Salon Hansen in downtown Lüneburg as a cultural center in the fall.

Timon Scheuer in front of the central building. ©Leuphana/Marie Meyer
"I enjoy campus life, like to network, and like to be actively involved in the cultural life of the city," says Timon Scheuer.

After graduating from high school, Timon Scheuer applied to only one university: Leuphana. "Studying in a metropolis was out of the question for me and I had already heard a lot of positive things about the university in Lüneburg. I enjoy campus life, like networking, and like being actively involved in the city's cultural life. That works out for me here," says the student. Because of the Corona pandemic, he spent the first year of his master's degree studying online alone. The innovative Cultural Studies: Culture and Organization program is dedicated to the relationship between the arts and culture and organization. It provides an introduction to cultural theory and sociology in critical engagement with contemporary organizations and organizing. Based on these foundations, students learn to engage with organizational and entrepreneurial practices in various fields and industries in arts and culture. Timon Scheuer had heard about the new master's program during his undergraduate studies. The B.A. Cultural Studies student with a focus on cultural organization worked as a student assistant at the Institute for Sociology and Cultural Organization and followed how the new program was developed: "I already knew many of the lecturers from my bachelor's degree. That's why I was eager to continue my studies at Leuphana and deepen the field of cultural organization," recalls the master's student.

During his bachelor's studies, Timon Scheuer was already involved in the student initiative "Originalton". The volunteers there are committed to a modern and diverse cultural life in Lüneburg. Students have the opportunity to gain initial experience in cultural organization. Last year, Originalton took over Salon Hansen and is now breathing new life into the struggling club. In fall, Salon Hansen is scheduled to reopen after a long Corona break with poetry slams, concerts or readings. "That's why I'm involved with Originalton and study Culture and Organization: I want to offer creative people a stage," explains Timon Scheuer. Among other things, he is responsible for finances in the ten-member team. Originalton is now a student association and thus has better opportunities to raise funds. In return, Timon Scheuer has to deal with more bureaucracy, take care of business registration and hire a tax advisor.

For him, however, culture extends further than the pure art and culture scene. In addition to his studies, he works for a member of Hamburg's parliament: "I find cultural politics very exciting, which is why I studied the political science minor in my bachelor's degree. At Leuphana, you have the opportunity to sharpen your own profile," says the student. In the master's program "Cultural Studies: Culture and Organization," he appreciates the connection between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Most recently, for example, students worked with the Kunstverein Lüneburg to publish the cultural magazine "The Window." "Since the university is not so big, there is also good contact with the teachers and they are open to exchanges with students," Timon Scheuer reports. The master's degree in "Culture and Organization" focuses on cultural, economic, but also sustainable aspects of the cultural industry. "In very concrete terms, we are trying to implement this at Salon Hansen right now. This ranges from green electricity to D-Jane workshops to a gender-appropriate program," the student reports.

In the coming year, his cultural work in Lüneburg will take a rest. Timon Scheuer is planning a semester abroad in Poznan. He will be supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.