Monday, 28 September 2009
14:30Jens NewigWelcome and introduction to workshop theme
Theme I: Knowledge generation and (social) learning in networks
15:00 Joop de Kraker et al. Lifelong learning networks for sustainable regional development (paper, presentation, pdf)
15:35Hanna Järvinen,
Nils Berkemeyer
Knowledge Creation in School Networks (abstract, paper, presentation, pdf)
16:10Coffee / tea
16:40Maik WingesResilience and Social Learning Within Networks (abstract, paper, presentation, pdf)
17:15 Jens Newig et al. Neurons in the Network – Learning in Governance Networks (paper, presentation, pdf)
17:50 Short break
18:00General discussion

Tuesday, 29 September 2009
Theme II: Formal approaches of Social Network Analysis
09:30David B.TindallNetworks, Social Influence, and Personal Plans for Dealing with Climate Change: The Effects of Personal Network Ties to Environmentalists on the General Public in Canada (abstract, paper, presentation, pdf)
10:05Christina Prell Social networks and stakeholders' views; some implications for social learning initiatives (presentation, pdf)
10:40General discussion
11:00Coffee break
Theme III: Governance and participation
11:30Christian HirschiStrengthening Regional Cohesion: Local Collaboration Networks and Sustainable Development in Swiss Rural Areas (abstract, paper, presentation, pdf)
12:05Monika Suskevics, Kadri Kreisman et al.Stakeholder networks for ecologically sustainable land use decisions: experiences
from two case studies in Estonia (abstract,  pdf)
14:00Alex Bell,
Anthony Samuel
Engaging the rural in sharing environmental ‘know how’: Insights into small to
medium enterprises’ experiences of social networking (abstract, paper, presentation, pdf)
14:35Jeff Ranara et al.Expanded Ecosystem Services through User-managed, Avian and Insect Species-
Inhabited GreenER Roofs: Approaches to the Study of Integrated Social and
Ecological Network Connectivity and Modularity in the Stockholm Urban Landscape (abstract, pdf)
15:10General discussion
15:30 Coffee
16:00Final discussion