2019 Klingemann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Pippa Norris (Havard University und University of Sydney)

04. Jul

Die "Hans-Dieter Klingemann Lecture 2019" wird am 4. Juli von Prof. Dr. Pippa Norris (Havard University and University of Sydney) ge­hal­ten.

Raum: HS 5

Zeit: 12:00-13:30Uhr

Prof. Dr. Pippa Norris referiert zu folgendem Thema “Cultural Backlash and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism”.

Abstract: Rising voting support for parties blending populist and authoritarian appeals has disrupted mainstream party competition in many European societies – and had major consequences worldwide. What explains this phenomenon? The study theorizes that an important part of any explanation lies in perceived cultural threats,  where rapid and profound value change in post-industrial societies during recent decades have affected core feelings of social identity, wrapped around values of family, faith and nation. These developments have generated a ‘cultural backlash’ activating authoritarian values and voting support for populist parties with authoritarian policy positions, especially among  older and non-college educated citizens.

To consider these issues, Part I develops the conceptual and theoretical framework. Part II estimates the ideological position of all European political parties on Authoritarian and Populist indexes, from expert CHES data. We also operationalize and measures Authoritarian and Populist values in the mass electorate, from the pooled European Social Survey 2002-2014. Part III uses multilevel models to examine the links between values and votes. The conclusion summarizes the key findings and considers their implications.

Pippa Norris ist Professorin für Regierung und Internationale Beziehungen an der University of Sydney und Paul F. McGuire Dozentin für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft an der John F. Kennedy School of Government in Harvard sowie Direktorin des Electoral Integrity Project. Sie ist eine der bekanntesten Forscherinnen auf dem Gebiet "political participation" und erhält im Rahmen des diesjährigen Dies Academicus (Datum: Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019) die Ehrendoktorwürde der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg