Emanzipation und Gewalt. Feministische Rechtskritik mit Karl Marx, Jacques Derrida und Gilles Deleuze

Liza Mattutat

Publisher: J.B. Metzler

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The Post-Socialist Internet How Labor, Geopolitics and Critique Produce the Internet in Lithuania

Migle Bareikyte

Publisher: transcript

How is the Internet produced as an infrastructure in post-socialist Lithuania? Migle Bareikyte contributes to the growing field of STS and media studies with a distinct focus on Eastern Europe. She situates the Internet development in Lithuania's telecom industry with the exploration of its labor practices, geopolitical imaginaries, and critical negotiations from a bottom-up perspective. Bareikyte further explores how fieldwork-based research can foster new theorizations of media infrastructures. Finally, she argues for a situated investigation of new places and actors beyond the United States and Western Europe–such as post-socialist regions–in order to explore the diversity of media infrastructures. 

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Why Art Criticism? A Reader

Beate Söntgen  Julia Voss

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

How is art criticism to be understood within an expanding artistic field? A look at its history and its manifestations within globalized conditions shows the variety of the genre, of the criteria and of the styles of writing. This reader is an attempt to bring a diverse range of art-critical voices and perspectives into conversation with each other, with texts from the 18th century to the present. The editors Beate Söntgen and Julia Voss have invited colleagues from various geographical and intellectual backgrounds to present and discuss the art critics of their choice, choosing one example from their respective bodies of work to comment upon. How have these writers approached art criticism? Which styles do they employ? What makes them extraordinary? What can we learn from their writings today, and why is it important in its contemporary context?

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Carla Lonzi


Published by Giovanna Zapperi with a contribution from Oona Lochner and Isabel Mehl
Publisher: b_books
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Critical Stances

Critique: The Stakes of Form

Publisher: Diaphanes
Editors: Sami Khatib, Holger Kuhn, Oona Lochner, Isabel Mehl, Beate Söntgen
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Critique and the Digital

Publisher: Diaphanes
Editors: Erich Hörl, Nelly Y. Pinkrah, Lotte Warnsholdt
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Review in Theory, Culture & Society by Bryan Norton (University of Pennsylvania / Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
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What’s Legit?
Critiques of Law and Strategies of Rights

Publisher: Diaphanes
Editors: Liza Mattutat, Roberto Nigro, Nadine Schiel, Heiko Stubenrauch
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Affirmation und Negation

Figuren von Kritik bei Deleuze und Adorno

Rebecca Ardner

Publisher: Katzenberg


Anschlüsse an Rebecca Ardners »Affirmation und Negation als Figuren der Kritik«

Marius Hanft, Judith SieberLotte Warnsholdt (Hg.)

Publisher: Katzenberg

Review in kritisch-lesen by Thorsten Schneider 
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Review in the daily newspaper neues deutschland by Charlotte Szász 
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