MECS Events 2019/20

May 12, 7.30 pm, Zoom
MECS Fellow Welcoming Reception

June 2, 2–4 pm, Zoom
MECS Colloquium Christoph Borbach (Halle) on the topic "Die Geburt der Computergrafik aus dem Geist des Radars" 

June 8, 2020, 65 pm, Zoom
Video conference with MECS Director Claus Pias on the topic "Simulating pandemics: Welches Wissen liefern Simulationen?" The conference is part of the CDC Online Forum

June 23, 2–4 pm, Zoom
MECS Colloquium Suzana Alpsancar (Cottbus) on the topic "Vom Fahr-Zeug zum Fahr-Ding"

June 24, 10 am–2 pm, Zoom
Virtual discussion in cooperation with "Internet und Gesellschaft, GI e. V.". Lectures given by Martin Warnke/ Martin Woesler on the topic "Sozialkreditsystem(s) in China" 

June 30, 2–4 pm, Zoom
MECS Colloquium Gottfried Schnödl (Lüneburg) on the topic "Die „Die Ästhetik der Umwelt“ Zum Dogmatismus der Relation bei Uexkül" | 

July 1, 6–8 pm, Zoom
MECS Lecture Raphael Rosenberg (Wien) on the topic "Saliency Maps: Can a Computer Predict Visual Perception?" 

July 7, 2–4 pm, Zoom
MECS Colloquium Lisa Schüttler (Aachen) on the topic "Wissenschaftsphilosophische Analyse des Wissenschaftsverständnisses von Robert Merton"

July 8, 2–4 pm, Zoom
MECS Workshop "Mythos Algorithmus" with Suzanna Alpsancar, Arianna Borrelli and Kai Denker  

July 15, 2–4 pm, Zoom
MECS Colloquium Katharina Rein (MECS) on the topic "Simulation & Zauberei"