Dr. Paula Maria Bögel


My interdisciplinary research focuses on the social-psychology of human behaviour in the context of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). This includes the micro-level, e.g. consumers’ reactions towards sustainability communication and its implications for sustainable consumption, the macro-level, e.g. employees’ participation in CSR and the macro-level, e.g. the role of individuals in socio-technical transitions for a sustainable development. In my empirical studies, I use qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods.


I hold a B.Sc. in business psychology and a M.A. in management & marketing. For the last four years, I have worked at a research assistant at the University of Lüneburg and the University of Göttingen. In Spring 2016 I was visiting researcher the Catholic University of Zagreb. Since January 2017, I work as post-doc at the Chair of Human Behaviour and Sustainable Development (Prof. Dr. Paul Upham). Our research group focuses on the Social Psychology of Socio-Technical Transitions for Sustainability. 

  • Selected publications

Selected publications

Bögel, P. M. (2016): Company Reputation and Its Influence on Consumer Trust in Response to Ongoing CSR Communication, Journal of Marketing Communications, online first, available at dx.doi.org/10.1080/13527266.2016.1166146


Hetze, K., Bögel, P. M., Glock, Y. & Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, S. (2016): Online-CSR-Kommunikation: Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede börsennotierter Unternehmen in der DACH-Region. UmweltWirtschaftaForum, 24 (2), 223-236.

Bögel, P. M. (2015): Processing of CSR communication: Insights from the ELM, Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 20 (2), 128-143.