Katariina Koistinen

I am a visiting junior researcher in Leuphana University of Lüneburg under the supervision of Prof. Paul Upham. My research interests cover topics from the literatures of sustainability transition and transition management. My special interest is to study how agency appears throughout sustainability transitions. The role of agency in relation to sustainability transition, both in driving and hindering representations, is the theme of the papers that I am currently working on.

I hold a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology, from Finland. For the last two years I have worked as junior researcher in Lappeenranta University of Technology, in the Department of Sustainability Science and Solutions, under the supervision of Prof. Lassi Linnanen, Prof. Satu Teerikangas and Associate Prof. Mirja Mikkilä.



Koistinen K., Teerikangas S., Mikkilä M. & Linnanen L. (2015) Food System Transition towards Sustainability: Individuals Engaging in Change. Paper presented at the World Resource Forum Conference, Davos, Switzerland.

Tanhua, I. & Koistinen, K. (2017) Feminist Organizations’ Uneasy Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility. Paper presented at the CR3+ Conference, Helsinki, Finland


Accepted publications:

Koistinen K., Teerikangas S., Mikkilä, M. & Linnanen L. (2017) Agent based change in facilitating sustainability transitions – a multi-disciplinary literature review and call for action in: Dhiman, S. & Marques, J. (Eds.) ‘Handbook of Engaged Sustainability’. Springer. United States.

Koistinen K., Laukkanen, M., Mikkilä, M., Huiskonen, J. & Linnanen, L. (2017) Sustainable system value creation: Conceptual framework for business model change within systemic transition process in: Moratis, L., Idowu, S. & Melissen, F. (Eds) ‘Sustainable Business Models: Principles, Promise, and Practice’. Springer. Netherlands.