German University Champion in Boxing: Jerry Alabi - Fight in the Bones

2022-08-01 Jerry Alabi fought his way to the gold medal at the German University Championships in boxing last month. The 21-year-old is in his second semester studying business informatics at Leuphana College.

Jerry Alabi with David Storek ©Lea Körber / Leuphana
Boxer Jerry Alabi (right) with the head of the university sports centre, David Storek (left).

Barely recovered from an illness, student and boxer Jerry Alabi stepped into the ring for Leuphana at the German University Championships as a heavyweight up to 92 KG. "I was well prepared despite my illness thanks to my trainer Durak Ince," says Alabi. For the Hamburg native, the competition at the Boxsporthalle Hamburg was a home match. Alabi beat Lorenz Rasev from the University of Hamburg in the semi-finals. So, the following day he was in the final and faced Leon Derguti from Kiel University of Applied Sciences. "When you box on several days, you still feel the previous fight in your bones," Alabi reported. In the fast-paced final encounter, Alabi was able to land more punches than his opponent and secured the points victory according to the judges' assessment. This is the biggest success so far for the up-and-coming athlete from Leuphana.

Alabi's way into the ring was more of a coincidence. "I accompanied a friend to boxing in 2015. I just happened to have my sports clothes with me because I had PE at school that day," he recalls. The boxer was still very reluctant at the time but was persuaded by the coach to join the training. "I immediately took a great liking to boxing and have stuck with it ever since," Alabi notes. He says the sport has contributed to his character development and boosted his self-confidence. "If I wasn't working and studying, I would have about eleven training sessions a week. Twice a day and a recovery run at the weekend." During the lecture period, he says, the training schedule must be adjusted to suit his seminars. "You need good time management. I still have to work on that, too," Alabi admits. Finding a balance between competitive sport, a part-time job and studies is not always easy, he says. "Success in any field generally boosts my motivation," he says, adding that success in boxing also promotes Alabi's discipline and determination in his studies.

As a partner university of top-class sport, Leuphana has committed itself to supporting top athletes. For this reason, Alabi is currently in talks with those responsible for university sports in order to identify suitable opportunities for support. "Our aim is to give top athletes the feeling that the university supports them and is proud of them," explains the head of the university sports centre, David Storek.

Whether a career as a professional boxer is in the cards for the 21-year-old has yet to be decided. It is not out of the question. Alabi's big dream: to enter the ring at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.