Psychological Assessment and Individual Differences

Current Courses

Prof. Dr. Alexander Freund

Test Theory

Advanced Differential Psychology

After a short introduction to meta-analysis as a research method, we will

deal with a selection of (published) meta-analyses covering various topics from the (very broad) realm of individual differences.

Selected Topics in Psychology: Assessment Issues

The goals of this course are to

- give an overview on psychometric models applicable to (quantitative) survey response data

- develop and conduct an online survey

- utilize standard software (R) to model empirical survey response data

Ziel: Upon the completion of this course, students should have accomplished the following / be able to:

- Acquire knowledge on how to design, implement and conduct survey studies

- Consider how to model survey response data using conceptually different psychometric models

- Gain practical software skills

- Gain academic writing skills


Vorstellung und Diskussion von (empirischen) Masterarbeiten.

Doctoral colloquium Psychology and Self-regulation

Diskussion aktueller Promotionsvorhaben

Ziel: Fachbezogene Weiterbildung (vertiefende Expertise in der Konzeption, Planung und Durchführung empirischer Forschungsprojekte)

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