What does the Testothek do?

The Testothek of the Institute of Psychology in Education is an offer to the students of Leuphana University Lüneburg.
Here it is possible to borrow current and historical psychological test procedures and test procedure-centred literature. The Testothek currently has about 450 psychodiagnostic procedures for all areas of application. These include, for example, general achievement tests, personality-structure tests and school tests. The stock list is available for download. Our test procedures can also be searched for in the Central Library catalogue.

If unauthorised persons have access to test items and pass on items or solutions or disseminate corresponding information, in extreme cases it is no longer possible to make reliable diagnostic statements with the procedures. This may destroy years of efforts to scientifically validate test results. In addition, students and practitioners often look for ways to copy tests, which are usually quite expensive, and perform them using the copied materials. This cannot be justified for reasons of copyright protection.

So the following applies to the borrowed test procedures:

- They are issued for study purposes only,
- may not be used for diagnostic purposes,
- may not be passed on to third parties
- and may not be reproduced for private use.

Damage to the material must be replaced. In general, no test material may be used up. The test including all components must be returned.


Our lending modalities

Borrowing is limited to a maximum of three tests per person.
The lending period is usually fourteen days.
Please bring a deposit of 30 euros per test in cash to be able to borrow a tests.

Reserving a test

To borrow a test, please look for the test you are looking for in the complete stock list (see Downloads) and make a note of the catalogue number and abbreviation.

Please fill in the lending form (see Downloads) and obtain authorisation by e-mail from the professor responsible for you and forward it to testothek@leuphana.de with the following information
- catalogue number,
- abbreviation and the
- desired date of collection.

When picking up the catalogue, please remember to
- completed loan form and
- 30€ lending deposit in cash.

*If you do not find the test you are looking for in the complete stock list, please check with your professor whether a new acquisition is possible.

To borrow a test, please send us your request by mail. Please note our lending modalities.
Please bring the completed lending form and the lending fee of 30€ with you when you pick up the materials.

Pick up and return of tests is only possible by appointment!
Contact Testothek: testothek@leuphana.de