Institute of Ecology

At the Leuphana University, life sciences are found at the institute of Ecology. The different working groups investigate how global change (such as climate change or land conversion) affects organisms and their communities, as well as the underlying chemical processes and resulting ecosystem functions. Among others, we study the effects of increased cultivation of energy crops as well as of various contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. We aim to understand why many animal and plant populations, as well as biodiversity in general are in decline. We further investigate the socio-economic factors of ecosystem research in collaboration with groups from Leuphana’s institute of social sciences. more



Landscape Change

Dipl.-Kauffr. Karin Dziarski
Universitätsallee 1, C13.115
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2838

Ecosystem F+S and Qualitativ Methods

Secretariat Ecology

Tanja Michaela Müller
Universitätsallee 1, C13.124
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2807

Master Studies

Sustainability Science


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