On campus: Winter semester 2020/2021

2020-09-04 After a summer semester that was designed for online teaching, a return to classroom teaching on campus is planned for the winter semester. The necessary preparations are in full swing. Starting in October 2020, Leuphana will again offer classroom-based courses in addition to online courses. There will be four different teaching formats: Hybrid classes, online teaching, classroom teaching and a combination of the three.

For first-year students at the College, the semester begins on 1 October  with the opening week. This year, it is dedicated to the topic "Future Cities". The opening week will take place primarily on campus. The new students will work together in small groups on campus - in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene regulations - and will thus be able to experience their new university directly. In the first week of October, the Graduate School will also be offering its new master’s degree with a “Master’s kick-off” lasting several days, which this year will primarily have digital access. Lectures for all higher semesters will begin on 12 October.
In the spirit of the freedom of teaching, Leuphana's lecturers decide individually whether to hold their courses online only or in a hybrid format. Students should consult myStudy in advance to find out what the teachers of their respective courses are planning.
Leuphana strives to allow as much presence as is reasonably possible. However, ensuring the health and safety of both students and lecturers remains a top priority. The cautious return to classroom teaching also corresponds to the wishes of the students: They would like to be able again to work on campus and to have direct contact with their fellow students - elements that were neglected during self-study and in zoom conferences. The university, which considers classroom-based studies and a diverse exchange of ideas beyond this to be one of its strengths, also attaches great importance to bringing life back to the campus. University President Prof. (HSG) Dr. Sascha Spoun explains: "In the winter semester, as much face-to-face teaching as permissible and responsible shall be made possible. Since we cannot fully utilize the rooms due to the applicable distance and hygiene regulations, there will be a rotation principle in many courses. Smaller groups will take turns in attending the class while the other students are either connected via video conference and/or digitally supplied with materials and results. Some classes will again be held completely online“.

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