Collaborative Writing

Direction: Micha Edlich

Date: 1.12.23

Time: 10.15–11.45

Collaborative writing is quite common in academic and other professional contexts. Many if not most people probably learn how to write together by simply doing so repeatedly, in different contexts. Eventually, they figure out how to get stuff done and how to deal with a wide range of challenges, for example interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, missed deadlines, or suboptimal results. Many of these common challenges associated with collaborative writing can be avoided, and great result be achieved, by following basic principles, implementing basic strategies, and using digital collaboration tools. This workshop addresses these dimensions and aims to prepare participants for group work at university and beyond. Participants will develop a basic understanding of collaborative writing and related approaches and practices, and they will reflect on their roles as leaders and contributors to group projects.

This workshop is cross-listed as an optional module for the peer writing tutor training.

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