Grading Rubrics and Marking Schemes: A Brief Introduction

Moderator: Micha Edlich

Date: 29.11.2023

Time: 14.15–17.45

At many universities and colleges, instructors use grading rubrics or marking schemes to assess student writing in a fair, consistent, and transparent manner. These rubrics are also often a means for instructors to convey their educational goals and expectations and to jump-start a conversation with their students on their learning. In this workshop, we will discuss key features and elements of effective grading rubrics as well as options for you to use them in your teaching. Using the grading rubric for the Leuphana Semester Module Problematising Knowledge: Critical Thinking as an example, we also consider the potential of grading rubrics to provide formative feedback in different settings and at different levels. In addition, we will also get to work on your grading rubrics. If you are starting from scratch, please bring a draft version of your educational goals/intended learning outcomes (as listed in course descriptions and/or on syllabi). In case you already have a draft version of a rubric, please draw up a few questions that you would like to discuss with other participants. In case you have already used rubrics in your teaching practice, please reflect on the strength and potential weaknesses of the design. Is there anything you would like to improve or add (for example additional items used for formative feedback)? Are there any intended learning outcomes that do not fit neatly into the rubric? Depending on where you start, you will leave the workshop prepared to design a rubric for your class or with an improved version of what you already have.

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