Grammar for Academic Writers. A Brief Introduction

Direction: Micha Edlich

Date: 05.06.2024

Time: 14:15-15:45, online

For obvious reasons, this workshop neither aims to provide a basic overview of English grammar nor does it adopt a specific approach to this issue. That said, the grammatical issues addressed in this workshop may help participants (a) to identify and edit common grammatical problems (especially for non-native speakers of English) in their texts and (b) to expand their repertoire when it comes to syntactical patterns that are commonly used in academic writing. 

Participants will (1) become familiar with two common grammatical error patterns in academic texts written by native undergraduate writers of academic prose in English and, to some extent, multilingual (ESL, EFL) graduate students, and you will become familiar with strategies to address these error patterns; (2) review one major grammatical challenge for native speakers of German (and several other languages, for example Russian or Chinese), the use of articles, and practice how to use articles correctly; (3) learn more about one or two common grammatical patterns used in academic texts that can be readily adapted to your own purposes, in your work in progress; (4) become familiar with several print and nonprint sources on grammatical issues in the context of academic writing; and (5) learn that (especially for those of you who are non-native speakers of English) a better understanding of grammar will not only help you to avoid major grammatical errors but, more importantly, give you more options as you develop your academic arguments.

This workshop is cross-listed as as an optional module of the peer writing tutor training.

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