Experiencing Coherence - Reflecting on Teaching: Task-oriented and Video-based

The project "Experiencing Coherence - Reflecting on Teaching: Task-oriented and Video-based" serves the didactic further development of the Master's programme "Teaching at Vocational Schools - Specialisation in Social Pedagogy". The students complete a five-week practical training at a vocational school. This internship is accompanied by preparatory and follow-up seminars of the vocational subject of social pedagogy and the various other subjects. In cooperation with the subjects english, mathematics, sports, and the Internship Centre of the Leuphana University, an innovative further development of these seminars will take place by developing coherent seminar concepts for the reflection of teaching in order to strengthen the individual professionalisation of the students. The aim is to develop didactic-oriented and video-based reflection tasks for professional teaching perception, which will be tested and evaluated in the seminars during the project period from October 2021 to September 2022.